Tighter ASSets

Last week I tried out another eye-catching, eyebrow raising, laugh inducing exercise DVD called Tighter Assets with Tamilee. I must say, it immediately caught my eye because I thought the title was Tighter ASS. Unlike the belly dancing video that was more comedy than intense cardio, this video did, indeed, make me feel the burn. Not in a “Oh my gosh I can’t keep going I might die” way, but in a buns of steel throwback way. (Side note: Yes, I’ve done the actual Buns of Steel workout on VHS in a college fitness class I took my sophomore year.) And this wasn’t necessarily surprising since this video was also made during the BOS era.  I was missing a few pieces of equipment that could have increased the intensity of my workout and enhanced my assets even more: an aerobic step, scrunchy socks, and fake assets (the top half kind).

It is said that Americans consume 7,000-10,000 calories on Thanksgiving, so I’m thinking this week we’ll try some chair aerobics (maybe even as a family?). That way, we won’t even have to leave the table after we’ve stuffed ourselves! A real two-fer as Grandma V would say.  I also have a Glee holiday album to listen to on the way home and a documentary about…something I can’t remember. Reviews on all three things to come hopefully by the end of the week!

Gobble, gobble.


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