Last Day

I think today will be the last day I’m underemployed. Check that, I will still be underemployed, but I’m going to win the $500 Powerball Jackpot tonight. Oh, wait, it is $500 million? With that I could afford to pay for a “premium” layout from WordPress and star in my own documentary about how the Lotto changed my life (and hopefully that’s not in the depressing, everyone is out to take advantage of me, crazy friends coming out of the woodwork, kind of way.)


BTW (that stands for by the way, mom), I watched the documentary The Greatest Movie Ever Sold which was created by Morgan Spurlock (same guy who did Supersize Me). It was all about product placement and advertising in TV and movies. The whole time all I could think was how this would have been really interesting to watch in my media studies classes at St. Olaf. To watch mid-afternoon on a weekday while there is Facebook to check and g-chats to be had, was too much for me. I made it through, in two parts and here are a few take aways:

– In the ad world there is a term called Faction. A hybrid of fiction and fact. I thought this sounded like 80% of stories told by Americans, didn’t realize I could call it faction.

– São Paulo, Brazil has banned all outdoor public advertising. There are no billboards, no murals on sides of buildings, no taxi or bus ads, etc.

– Mane ‘n Tail is a shampoo you can use for both your mane and your horse’s mane!

That’s it.


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