Volleyball season

There is old VHS footage out there somewhere of my mom teaching me to pass a “volleyball” in the hallway of our very very small house in rural South Dakota. The “volleyball” was actually a balloon and I was maybe 4? I think that same hallway is where I also learned to shoot a “basketball”. Balloons really are magical, aren’t they?

I am reminiscing about this because I’m coaching again! I have been coaching volleyball since the fall after my college graduation. I’ve taken a year/season off here and there mostly due to moving and life transitions, but this summer I was itching to get back in the gym. I have learned SO MUCH from coaching. So much about the game. So much about myself. So much about teamwork. So much about life. So much about regional travel. So much about bus rides. So much about parent communication. So much about what makes good concession stand popcorn. So much about being the underdog. So much about being the champion. So much about being the loser.

I had thought a little bit about getting back into coaching and I had looked throughout the summer, but nothing really checked all the boxes I knew I wanted checked.  I had the privilege of  being picky. In early August I made contact with an athletic director who is absolutely fabulous and a week later I was at try-outs!

We have our 6th match today. So far we are 5-0! I love it. Everything about it is wonderful and so far it is the least stressful coaching gig of my career. I could go on and on and on and on, and, if you ask me about it in person, I probably will. I am so energized by coaching again.

One of my favorite ways to think about the ups and downs of life is by thinking about the seasons. I nodded to this here. Usually I think of this metaphor as the wether-related seasons, but this is volleyball season. It will end and there will be good things about it ending and there will be sad things about ending, but I’m so happy it is here.

Go Gators!


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