Hot buttered roll

Currently, at this very moment, I’m in the midst of submitting a freelance proposal for some social-emotional curriculum writing. I occasionally do freelance work and this project seems to fit my skill set and background to a T.

But, I’m stuck.

I already know I’d probably like the people I’d be working with because they added one of those informal, “fun” questions to the proposal page. “What food would you be and why?”

For some reason, I cannot decide! I am overthinking it, clearly.

A chocolate chip cookie. Because who doesn’t love me?! 😉

Salt. But, that doesn’t really seem like food so would they judge me for that?

A potato. I am versatile, hearty, and sometimes have odd physical characteristics. (e.g. a pesky plantar wart and whitehead in my nose that won’t go away!) TMI, sorry!

Pizza. A banana. A peach. Popcorn. Quinoa. Oats. A sweet potato. Avocado. Guacamole. Chips. Almond butter. Yogurt. Eggs. Granola bar. Everything bagel seasoning. Nutritional yeast.

At this point I’m just listing off the items in our fridge and cupboards. You learned a lot, didn’t you?

Twenty minutes ago, I stooped to the G level. Google.

Then I went to the B level from the G level. Buzzfeed.

Where I proceeded to take this quiz.

I have stooped levels, friends.

And here you have it:

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.51.58 PM.png
Tooooootally appropriate and spot on, right? 😉 😆

And…pressing submit!






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