Love, all

July 12, wowza!

One sporting event that I have very fond memories of every summer is Wimbledon. I remember watching it with my mom early in the mornings during summer break. If we were visiting my grandma, it was even more fun to watch because of her enthusiasm for basically any American, but especially the Williams sisters.  I remember getting back from church and often being able to watch the end of the men’s final match, one of the few Sundays every year I was glad we were an “early church” family.

I for sure wanted to be a ball girl. I thought that would be THE COOLEST! My senior year in college I even dressed up as a wimbledon ball girl and my friend Mike was a matching ball boy. Yep. It wasn’t Halloween, but it was a costume party, so don’t judge too harshley. We carried around tennis balls to house parties. I have pictures. You won’t see them.

My sister and I were in London during the early rounds of the 2007 Wimbledon tournament. We decided we would go on a scouting trip to the All England Club so we knew the lay of the land and what to expect in terms of a line/queue. (The Wimbledon general admission queue can be pretty epic.) It was literally the first place we headed in London after we dropped our bags at our hotel and enjoyed stomached our first undercooked English breakfast.

Well, to our luck, it had been a rainy morning so when we got to the All England Club via the tube, there was NO line. Before we knew it, our jet-lagged faces were enjoying strawberries and cream on Henman Hill! And then, before I knew it, I was buying a way-too-expensive long-sleeve polo shirt because I was freezing.  Preparedness was not a travel skill I had perfected yet.  I remember hoping to see one of my crushes at the time, Andy Roddick, but I had to settle on buying a postcard of him.

Here are some pictures that are real “winners”. 😉

I don’t look tired at all!
Like my new shirt?
Being “artistic” with my strawberries. Also, I JUST realized, while hanging out on Henman Hill, we watched a young Novak Djokovic before he really became a tennis superstar.


Henman Hill!
Just an 18 year-old, a WWJD bracelet, and a queue card.
I wish I would has known how to take a good picture back then.

The summer has been serving up travel, marathon training, and life, but today is quiet and I can watch Wimbledon at 8 a.m. Advantage, me.

Did you catch all my tennis puns? 🎾 ❤️ 😉


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