Vacation, now what?

Vacation! There was a point at which I didn’t know if it would happen. We had unexpected passport crisis.  I was having visions we wouldn’t get to go at all. I was freaking out. Then I read the Yelp reviews of the NYC passport office. Yep, the YELP REVIEWS OF THE PASSPORT OFFICE SAVED MY SANITY AND HAPPINESS. (Talk about a sentence I did not think I would ever write…) Originally scheduled to depart Friday, we spent the weekend in purgatory/at home. Finally we were able to meet our family in Toulouse, France. We missed out on a couple days in Paris, but we were just happy to be out of the MF country.  We were greeted at the airport with open arms and tasty snacks from a Parisian bakery. I’m not sure which I was more excited about. 😉 Andrew hadn’t seen his uncle in 30ish years, so I clearly had never met him. He ran to us! He and his wife were such gracious, loving, hilarious, patient, and happy hosts. We made a lifetime of memories. I could go on and on about the details of the trip, and maybe  someday I will recount the highlights, but today I’m dwelling on the, “So that’s done, now what?”

I missed the last two weeks of the school year with this trip. School is out. I’ve had my vacation. Andrew is in California for work this week and I’m alone. I’ve done the laundry, unpacked/put away 96% of our things, bought groceries, filled and Amazon Pantry box, started running again, chatted with my sister, chatted with some friends. So, now what? The last two summers a move has been brewing right around this time. Moving was my excuse. Moving gave me plenty to do. Moving took time. Moving was stressful. Moving was exciting. Moving let me cut myself some slack when it came to my next professional move.

There is no moving this summer. Thank the Lord. This also means it is time to face, head-on, the question. So, now what?

Today I looked at my usual round-up of job websites and logged into LinkedIn for the first time in ages. I browsed. I day-dreamed of a commute to midtown or lunching in Washington Square Park. That was enough for today. I’ll get there. Or I’ll get somewhere else.

Simple things can be perfect things. A door in Gordes, FR.



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