A new day

Today the sun decided to shine today. And it was good. It is good.

I just re-read what I wrote yesterday. I still have those feelings and anxiety, but again…LITM. Wait, that’s not a YOLO-type acronym you say? Live in the moment…LITM. This correlates nicely to my saying yes mantra, which my husband reminded me of when he told me this morning to go back and re-read this.

I don’t know what I’m going to do after we get back from vacation. That’s ok. I’ll be ok. I’m a lucky one who is privileged enough to have many of life necessities and luxuries, so my internal struggle sometimes needs some perspective. I had some perspective today, thanks to the sun.


As I mentioned yesterday, we are headed to France on Friday! We are celebrating my in-laws’ 40th wedding anniversary! We will be in Paris for a few days and then spend the rest of our trip in the southern region, specifically Albi. We have a short road trip planned to Provence as well and I am really hopeful we’ll get to see some early lavender blooms even though we are going a week or so before they really start to pop! This is definitely one of the biggest vacations I have gone on and with 6 of us being together for nearly two weeks there will surely be some crazy times. We’ll leave crazy up for your own interpretation. 😉

I’m going to start round 1 of packing tonight. Round 1 is usually titled “piles”. Anyone else familiar with packing in rounds?


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