I have started writing a post three times so far today.

They began:

“Today I feel like a loser…”

“The first year I was underemployed…”

“Do I even deserve a vacation?…”

I have a lot of negative self-talk happening today, currently battling it with some Brandi Carlile and LaCroix Pamplemousse. This is my last week of subbing for the school year because we go on vacation on Friday (woohoo!). That also means I need to start to think about what to do job-wise. I can keep subbing next year. Or not. Or? Or? Or?

Gah, I hate these times.

Vacation has been planned for quite a while, but I can already sense that when I return I’ll ride the vacation high for a couple days and then walk off the cliff into shallow pond of “Well now what?” and I really don’t like to swim in that pond.



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