Galentine’s – Ladies celebrating ladies

Friends from college are coming! It has been 10 (gasp!) years since we graduated. Our class reunion is coming up this spring, but we already knew not all of us could make that event. So, we took matters into our own hands.

I have seen the five of these beautiful women all individually or in smaller groups a handful of times over the past few years. Moving around the country to places where friends already live sure helps with that! But, I was thinking about the last time all six of us were in the same place at the same time, and it was nearly five years ago at one of our weddings. I was married more recently than this wedding, but at the time of my wedding one of our friends lived in Amsterdam. Then, two years ago we got together at a friend’s family lake house in Texas, but by this time another friend had moved abroad to London, so we were still at 5. We decided on meeting in NYC this year because two of us this here, one lives in Philadelphia, one in Minneapolis, one in San Francisco, and one across the pond in London. For the two farthest away, NYC is in the middle. When we started planning this weekend, there were numerous emails exchanged and even some spreadsheets involved. It basically came down to this weekend or July if we were going to all get together. The last time we got together, weather caused some rough insanely terrible travel situations for a few people, so we were hesitant to have people book flights in February to New York City. And here we are in the biggest snow we’ve had this year, waiting for friends to arrive tomorrow. (As I write this, I’m home because there is no school…anywhere on the eastern sea board. Winter storm Nico, you will not hold us down!)

A couple weeks ago I looked at the calendar and then saw something online that reminded me about Parks and Recreation  and their notion/proposed national holiday of Galentine’s Day. Straight from the show:

I immediately sent my friends a Buzzfeed link to 25 million things you should know about Galentine’s Day. (Side note: that post is from 2015. In today’s current socio-political climate, I’m sure Leslie Knope would have some major new zingers and I imagine her celebration truly would be a recognized national holiday.) Because we are meeting so close to Valentine’s Day and we are ladies celebrating ladies, I’ve decided to have a little fun with things. Tomorrow all my friends are coming over for a dinner and then we’re having a good old-fashioned slumber party. It was the perfect excuse to craft and make goodie bags. So, here are my creations, I even busted out the glitter.


If you don’t get the description and animal reference, then you didn’t read up on Galentine’s Day. 😉
Goodie bags filled with snacks and love.

Have a great weekend! Ladies celebrating ladies, persistently. Channel your inner-Leslie Knope and spread the love!





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