Are you a podcast person? I am. I think?

What qualifies someone as a “podcast person”? Paying to go to live-recordings of a podcast? Planning a weekend getaway around a live-podcast taping?

Not that we’ve done either of those things slash, we’ve done them both.

For me, it all started with This American Life. (Really, you too? You don’t say…) I still love Ira and co., but the podcast universe has vastly expanded beyond replays of NPR shows. There is a podcast for everything. They make me laugh. They make me cry. They make me feel smart. They make me feel dumb. They make me feel nerdy. They make me feel cool. All. the. feels.

I recently decided to add a few more podcasts to my usual rotation, some on the suggestions of friends, some on the suggestions of strangers in the iTunes store. One of the first new ones I listened to was an episode of Hidden Brain. I walked around Manhattan nodding my head in agreement and wanting to tell strangers on the sidewalk, “THIS IS IT! THIS IS HOW I’VE FELT ABOUT WORK/JOBS/CAREERS.”

I started writing in this space as a way to flesh out my life as it related to my working-self. It is hard to articulate those feelings. It is hard to felt understood when surrounded by wildly career-successful friends and family. I felt stuck.

So, if you want any indication as to what I’ve been feeling, trying to say, or want to thinking about your own identity, listen to this. I hope you get to nod your head half as much as I did.

Hidden Brain: How Silicon Valley Can Help You Get Unstuck





One thought on “Subscribed.

  1. Brenda says:

    Only you could get me excited about a pod-cast:) So glad you found the “hidden brain”……no matter what, you are AWESOME!

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