In the nearly two years since I’ve taken any action on this platform, we’ve moved around the country…twice. I’ve had three different jobs, of which the current one I wouldn’t really call a “job” more of a sometimes-I-work thing.

Currently, I’m substitute teaching. It is flexible. Awesome! There is no take-home work or stress. Great! I’m in small schools with small class sizes. Sweet! I can walk to school within 12 minutes. Fabulous!

I didn’t even look up the last time I posted something to this, but like I said I think it was about 2 years ago. Within that time my husband landed the career opportunity of a lifetime and we YOLOed to California. There, we spent exactly 365 glorious days in the moderate temps with abundant fruit trees, hikes, compost bins, and self-driving cars. I spent the year as a special education assistant at a middle school and, honestly, it was awesome. The district paid really well for the position and I got lucky with a really good co-teacher and group of kids. Plus, the whole outdoor campus thing really got me. Spending 5minutes walking to the office in 70 degree sunshine? Yes, please!

Late last spring, my husband’s work provided us with yet another opportunity. To join the growing office in Manhattan. This is one place I had always said, “I’ll never live there.” But, for some reason, I convinced myself that we should YOLO again. We were both on board and we hurried to do as many California things as possible before we headed to the other coast.

Arriving in the summer and having been out of my “career” for a few years, I was faced, yet again, with a starting-over point job wise. I had some great career-counseling during the course of last year and I had felt empowered to find something that was within my wheel-house once we moved. I had some interviews, nothing panned out. So I decided, for now, I would get my subbing license and get a feel for the area.

So, that’s what I’m doing. Feeling it out. Some days that feels good. Other days, it feels crappy. Regardless, that’s where I’m at. It has been a rough week emotionally coming off the after-Holiday high, and I think that is why I am turning back to this platform. I don’t intend for anyone to ever read this. I just needed to get some stuff down.  In the coming days I hope to write more. As an outlet to the sad and self-defeating thoughts I’m having. As a way to gain perspective and direction as to where I want to go next. And to hopefully regain some confidence and assuredness that I am enough.





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