Since the last post, I believe!


After 36 hours of travel, a hand-painted nail polish sign awaited.
After 36 hours of travel, a hand-painted nail polish sign awaited. We were in Brazil!

Since my last post, a LOT has happened. The first 55ish hours of our trip were terrible. See the following tweets for a review. Or read this if you have no clue what I’m talking about.

I have a note going on my phone listing things that I wanted to make sure to remember about our trip. Half of these were food related, 1/3rd people/soccer related, 1/6th driving in Brazil related.

I can’t tell you about them all today. I don’t know if I will ever tell you all the stories; in part for brevity’s sake, in part for lackluster blogging dedication, and in part because “you just had to be there.” There were the games (each deserving of their own novel), the adventures of getting to the games (e.g. a city of 3+ million flooding), cow carcass in the back of a fiat, sunburns, coconuts, random meetings 0f mutual friends, caipirinhas, our favorite local hangout (nicknamed The Triangle), how Brazil literally shuts down before, during, and after their own games, and some of the best people watching I’ve ever encountered.

One part of the trip I was disappointed with, was our lack of foresight into the amazing wardrobe decisions we could have made to be model citizens and highly increase our odds of getting on TV. I mean we were normal, RWB-wearing fans. We blended in. Which was fine, until you saw the AMAZING patriotic gear that people had saved since the 80s, found at a thrift-shop, purchased at a costume shop, sewn at home. My sister and I did our best to up our game for the last match. I think we succeeded considering the size of the beach town we were staying in and that (gasp!) Brazil really only cares about you wearing things that are yellow, green, and blue and not RWB.

Here are a few pictures to set the scene; with the hope of inspiring you to be a soccer fan tomorrow or for eternity (or for every four years),  motivating you to find the most in-your-face RWB outfit to wear tomorrow, and pumping you up to do the “I Believe” chant even if you are all alone watching the game like I  will be. Even if you don’t have stars and stripes spandex, don’t want to paint your face, don’t have time to rent a Lady Liberty costume tonight, don’t have a US soccer shirt, or don’t have any idea of the rules of soccer, there is at least one piece of clothing that has RWB on it in your closet. And if that fails, just hit up Old Navy and get one of those tastefully cheap 4th of July tees they sell every year. Think of it as an investment because US Soccer is a bigger deal now than ever! If you aren’t on the bandwagon, jump on! Seriously, if you think it is dumb or don’t care, you are unAmerican right now. I mean it is the week of the 4th of July. If you can get excited about fireworks and hot dogs, you can get excited about tomorrow’s game. They are actually very similar, loud, exciting, hot buns, drunk people, and full of flops. (Think about an uncooked hot dog…it is floppy.)

(If you haven’t caught on, RWB = red, white, and blue. Get with it!)

If you, like my family, have been US soccer fans since Alexi Lalas and Cobi Jones you won’t need these pictures to motivate you.  Regardless, it is fun to be reminded how it really is fun to be enthusiastic, to be a crazy fan, and to love the cheesiness, yet meaningfulness of phrases  like “One nation, one team” or “I believe that we will win.”

These pictures are limited in scope. Many outfits passed before our eyes before I could get out the camera and have gone to live in fan-costume glory.

Yes, that is the Declaration of Independence and the US Capitol.
Showing leg is always patriotic. As is not wearing a shirt, aparently.
Who wears short shorts? American men wear short shorts.
Gotta love a good Abe mask. Especially when it creeps people out walking behind you.
Patriotic Starter jacket. For. The. Win.
Goalsevelt meets other Presidents
The men gathering here are the men below. Teddy Goalsevelt, in particular, has become an instant hit. Read his quote below. And he’s from Chicago!
Mt. Rushmore and some dude
Mt. Rushmore?
Teddy Goalsevelt
Teddy on his sudden popularity and fame from They Daily Beast.  “Surprised is hardly the word,” he said. “I’m just one of literally hundreds people down here dressed in really amazing patriotic gear. I’m just the lucky dummy they cut to after scoring the goal.” D’Amico has been travelling to Team USA matches for years, albeit to far less exotic destinations than the Amazon—Kansas City and Columbus, for example. There, he was inspired by all the fans who are wearing “these amazing getups that they love.” He pointed out that every match has multiple colonial soldiers in tricorner hats and a guy dressed as a World War II fighter pilot.
Another Abe. Where’s Waldo? And what is he hiding in his spandex?
Plenty of flag-as-a-skirt wearers + facy/body/chest paint. We just happen to know many of the people this guy knows in Iowa.

 And then there is us and some Germans.

The soccer ball headwear was a hit! Not bad for supplies from a birthday party store!
Panchos were a necessary fashion statement for the hours leading up to US vs. Germany.
And while not a US fan, this was the BEST transportation we saw. And, this was on the main road then went downtown in a town of around 1 million. Because it is Brazil.

Go USA! I believe!


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