Considering – Vacation

Friday The H and I depart for Brazil for our latermoon and World Cup trip. We will be in the northeastern part of Brazil, staying in small beach towns near Natal and Recife.  As we have been planning and pre-packing for the trip (pre-pack = make giant piles), I’ve considered some of the many firsts we will encounter, not only as married couple, but firsts in the entirety of our relationship. For better or worse…

– Traveling abroad. I’ve gone away a few times, The H has been Grumpy on a super-senior-engineering-major cruise, so, for all intents and purposes, he has not traveled abroad. Traveling abroad is a parent category for many other firsts:

Driving, customs, long flights, trying to get by without speaking the native language, etc. etc.

I realize many couples never travel abroad together and I am grateful for this opportunity. Still, these times are often stress-inducing and I am publicly vowing my patience and clear communication with The H.

– Lounging on the beach, laying by the pool. I’ve seen The H in a swimsuit once, maaaaaaaybe twice. Even though his former swim trunks were barely used, I had to get him a new pair for this trip because I found it weird his ex-girlfriend had purchased his prior pair. (Why do we say “pair” of shorts, pants, etc. when there is only 1 item!?)

– Attending a world-class sporting event together. Will we see the subdued fan or the KU fan? I hope for our own safety, and the fact that Brazil lifted its ban on alcohol being served in the stadiums, that we can be sweet, enthusiastic fans.

– The longest uninterrupted period of time spent together. When you think about it, many people don’t spend that many hours with their significant other per week, especially when you don’t count sleeping. We dated long distance prior to moving to Chicagoland. We went on one week-long vacation together, and I believe this trip will more than double the length of that trip. Between work schedules, we get maybe a few quality hours together per day. 16 days of 24/7…bring it on!

– Training for a marathon on vacation. This is quite the niche “first”, but I do think it will be a challenge for us to hold one another accountable and stick to the couple runs we’ve promised one another. I have to remind myself that two weeks of nothing will erase 3-4 months of slow progress.

– Longest time we will not have our computers or 24-internet access on our phones. What will The H do when he’s feeling awkward or bored while I’m shopping? Some games don’t require wi-fi, right? We are bringing technology in the forms of our phones that will mainly be used to connect to wi-fi and our 3rd (yes, 3rd) laptop that The H got at a conference last week. In his defense it is a laptop that only connects to the internet…called a Chromebook or something like that. (As an aside: This is the 4th computer in our house…that’s normal for a family of 2, right?)

This entire adventure will be chock full of firsts and that is exciting. Makes me nervous in some ways, but it is exciting. I hope to write a few snippets about our trip, but between the beaches, umbrella-laden drinks, and World Cup soccer I’m not sure there will be anything to write about.

I kid.

I know FIFA eats hairy turds and the USA doesn’t really stand a chance of getting out of the first stage, but Gooooooaaaaaaaaallllllll USA!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Considering – Vacation

  1. amonshiz says:

    This is going to be the best trip ever!

    Also, yes, that is a normal number of computers. In fact, it may be a bit lower than it should be. We have space for more in our lives.

  2. Deb says:

    I agree with the H – a bit low on the normal number of computers. In my household of one, I have two laptops. I usually have at least two devices at home that I “borrow” from work at any one time (mini ipad, ipad, chromebook, laptop) in addition to my smartphone. This doesn’t count all the crap Mitch has stored in the house.

    Have a great latermoon you two!!!

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