Summer Reading List

As of 12:47 p.m. today I decided I should share my summer reading list. After all, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial official start to summer. I have contemplated for many months what pages I would turn this summer, and what lessons I would let touch my soul and transform my heart. I have read a lot of two books lately, both of them being whatever I can find on the $2.99 and under Nook store. Realizing I didn’t want to be fighting the horrible Nook Color glare whilst lounging on a praia, I started considering options for acquiring good ol’ fashioned books to read on férias. (Yes, I’m showing off my Portuguese just a little in these last two sentences.) I had considered the library – what if I lose them or forget them in Brazil? Used book stores – too much effort. Real book stores – too much money. Borrowing from friends – this could work. When our friends invited us over last night to watch hockey and play a game involving plastic trains, I unknowingly and simultaneously surreptitiously had a hidden agenda of leaving with books to read. Here are my Summer Reads for 2014.

Gone Girl

The Devil in the White City


My friend whose house we were at is reading this and wants a big TIMEOUT, a la Zack Morris. What she would say is that last night, while I was binging on chips and dip on her couch, I said I needed something to read for our upcoming trip. Fair enough. I really had know idea she had such a great selection of books for all literary diets. She took me to their apartment library and gave me suggestions. Her first recommendation was a book about polygamy, and I knew that her husband’s distant family history with LDS was a sign I should’ve picked up on sooner. Kidding. I didn’t pick that book, but I’m sure it would be fascinating. And, if I actually finish these three books I will check it out of her library/bookcase. Her generosity and much better reading habit than mine concluded with me I walked out of their apartment with my Tupperware, board game, and 2014 Summer Reading list.

Happy Summer and Happy Anniversary to The H!



One thought on “Summer Reading List

  1. one year and counting! as i told her the day after we were married — if you can make it one day, you can make it forever. i believe the statistics will prove me correct.

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