Packing up

Last week was busy. Work at the store, an interview (gasp!), freelance work, teaching a workshop, office work. There wasn’t a lot of time for considerations, not even a Sunday story! After my Olympic memories, I had nothing to readily compete or write about. I mean, there is always a story to tell, but I didn’t want to force it. That’s fair, right?

But this morning, after a butt-kicking workout that concluded with Destiny’s Child Say My Name coming on over the sound system, I started to consider the week and what was in store. The H and I will be leaving for a solid 5 days tomorrow evening. I had to request some days off of work, but no vacation time is used, I have no sub plans to write, no work to get ahead on so that I’m not swamped come next Monday. This is a part career, part fun trip, where we’ll  get to see family and a lot of friends. Good for the soul.

While at my parents’ house on the first part of the trip, I will wake up to SILENCE. No cars zooming by, no neighbors being loud, no sirens. No SIDEWALKS, which in the icy state they’re in I’m not sad about at. all. And I will be able to see the STARS, like really see the stars people. There will be HILLS – a much needed reminder that not all running is as easy as running around here and I need to get my butt in gear. And my SISTER is currently at home, which is pure whipped cream on my latte.

On Friday, we’ll head down to Kansas City, meeting The H’s parents for dinner hopefully, then staying with our friends. Then picking up another friend from Minnesota, only to meet up with more friends to enjoy a fun bchette party (bacehlorette is simply too long and annoying to spell). Yes, The H and I are going to the same bchette party. I guarantee if anyone ends up with a feather boa, it will be him.

Sunday will be sad. We have to drive all the way home, which is a long enough trip after a well-rested, non-binge eating (ok, drinking too) weekend. Plus we have to drive through parts of Missouri, which really make any situation 5x worse than it needs to be. (The H will be proud at my MO jab, and others of you are thinking, “Well, that’s what I think about your lowly Iowa.” I’m shaking my fist at you right now.)

So this morning as Beyonce, Kelly and the third member of DC that I can never remember were belting out the anthem to my freshman year, I considered how awesome it really is that we have the chance to take a mid-week road trip for mostly fun. The H gets to work remotely, so I don’t even have to entertain him the whole time and he gets paid. I have a freelance project to finish, but really we’re pretty stress-free. A fully-employed me couldn’t gobble up this opportunity without immense stress and anxiety and tapping into World Cup vacation days.

Have a good week, friendly reader.


One thought on “Packing up

  1. Brenda (MOM) says:

    If anyone can make packing and looking forward to a trip so much fun to read about, you can and are one of the BESTEST at it:)

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