Sunday Storytime – Family Olympics Pt. 2


You’ll remember last week I reminisced our Olympic journey and highlighted some cute moments starring my sister and pubescent moments starring me. To refresh your memory , read it again! This week’s Olympics story time will feature the events we attended and any appropriately interesting or embarrassing stories, photos, and the like.

In the midst of watching the Olympics on Sunday night…and Downton Abbey…and House of Cards, I put off Sunday story time. Right now I predict I post this Monday, we’ll see how free flowing my words are. There aren’t enough of you to disappoint yet that I actually feel like I need to live up to my promises. I mean, I value your readership, but have you really been waiting with bated breath for this Sunday story time?

In our Valentine’s Day treat package from my parents mom, there was a copy of our 1996 Olympic “highlight” tape. My aunt Dian, I believed, worked tirelessly to put together a montage of event footage taken by my dad with his shoulder-mounted camera we gave to him circa 1990 for Chritmas as well as some TV footage of events that we didn’t have personal footage of, such as the opening and closing ceremonies and a brief news clip of the Olympic Park bombing. The real stars of the video are cute Tressa and the music — Jock Jams, instrumental Olympic scores, Gloria Estefan, Whitney Houston, and, of course, Celin Dion’s Olympic theme song Power of the Dream.

(Sidenote: The H did ask a good question, “Why did we have a Canadian sing our Olympic’s theme song?” I said, “Good question, but she’s Celine, her husband is really old, and America was preparing the world for the release of Titanic. That’s good enough, I think. )

The first event we got to see at the Olympics was one of the two I remember the most. Beach Volleyball. Besides the journal excerpt, I want to add these sentiments and reflections.

– This was the first year for Olympic Beach Volleyball and being from Wyoming/South Dakota my exposure to beach VB was limited. The announcer acted like we were at a party and how did the women not have wedgies after every play?

– The standard/mandatory maximum bikini size covered significantly more square footage then the “uniforms” of Kerry and Misty. The maximum bikini standard was lifted in 2012.

– This was the first time I saw Bill Walton. Whose name I just forgot while writing that sentence. I’m pretty sure I probably just rolled my eyes at him as he walked by me. I also, for some reason, feel like I have had another encounter with Bill Walton, but then again that might just be his large head seeming like it is in my living room while he is doing some basketball commentary.

Event though this picture might make you think that the Olympics were not, in fact, fun, I promise you cute Tressa had exhausted all her energy doing the wave and my gaze into nothingness was par for the course.

beach volleyball

Water Polo. I have very few memories of going to this event, except that I was very confused about what the rules were and they kept penalizing everyone for things that I equate to water boarding, bitch slapping, and cheap shots. And, as an up and coming goalie I’m sure I thought, “C’mon, I can do better than that.” Turns out defending a goal while treading water is harder than the 12-year old me assumed.

Water polo

As a soccer player myself, I was very excited to go see Women’s Soccer. And we got to see the US play, no less! Brianna, Mia, Julie, Michelle Akers (and her hair!), Brani Chastain with a jersey on…these were my sports idols of the time (and Sheryl Swoops and Rebecca Lobo of the basketball team.) This was the Olympic debut of women’s soccer, which was exciting, yet now that I think about it pretty pathetic that it didn’t make the Olympics until 1996. I really did want to be at these games, I promise. Watch this video and see for yourself. As Tressa is unashamedly doing the YMCA dance, I’m going bonkers with excitement and patriotism.(Also, get a peek into our highlight video soundtrack).


Indoor volleyball. I really remember nothing from this event except that we were sitting in the nosebleed seats. But it is at this event that we did get our first glimpse of my dad on tape. Being the cameraman means him and his ‘stache were out of the spotlight, which was a shame.

2014-02-16 19.16.21

volleyballTrack and Field.    We saw some history being made and we were amazed the the hurdle crew. Again, sadly, this is all I really remember. T-shirt purchasing, pin collecting, the proper tuck and poof of my oversized t-shirts, and appropriate scrunch of my crew socks occupied my mind apparently all too much. Surprise, surprise.
Track and Field

As you can see, we got to see a lot of great events, even if I don’t remember many details of most of them. I am so glad we kept the journal, my mom is excellent at digging through bis to find pictures, and that VHS videos age so gracefully.



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