Considerations on the cold and snow

While running my mid-afternoon errand to the grocery store for ingredients in tonight’s dinner, I overheard a comment from an employee.

“This is bull****.”

“Is it?” I wondered. 

We do live in the midwest, after all. It is only early February, after all. Last year it was 50 in January, after all. I wanted to retort, “Would you like a little cheese with that whine?” But, I let him be a curmudgeon. 

While at work this morning, everyone commented on the weather. I have talked about the weather as a form of chit-chat numerous times; it is most adults’ go-to small talk topic, myself included. After the third or fourth comment this morning, I decided there would be no more, “Stay warm” or “Take it easy out there” to each person who walked out the door. I started saying what I would say on a non-snowy, mild, sunny day. “Have a good day” or “Take care.” I treated them normally because, after all, this weather is normal. 

Maybe I’m in a sour mood about the weather and am  masking it by pretending that this weather doesn’t bother me. While trenching my car out this morning, a guy who lives across the street was doing the same. He talked to me like I was a damsel in distress. I hate nothing more than being patronized like this. “Hello, sir. Why yes I have been in snow before, thanks of for your concern. Really, it doesn’t make me melt?…I do have All-Wheel Drive, and yes I might get out my shovel because I want to not because I think I’m stuck.  My parents are currently drifted shut in their own house in rural Iowa, I think I can deal.” 

So this is my vow of silence – about all complaints weather related.

The qualifications being: I get in an accident, fall an break something, or drop my phone/keys in a drift. 


3 thoughts on “Considerations on the cold and snow

  1. Dave.Brenda Versteeg says:

    So True, So True………this is “WINTER” in the midwest:) EnJOY your days:)


    On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 3:47 PM, Considerations

  2. I totally agree. I really don’t get sick of snow until “spring”…nothing worse than an April snow. I gave people a pass when they were complaining about the polar vortex, but really, all those whiners need to pull on their snow pants or move to Florida!

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