The H’s Golden Birthday

Having a day off mid-week is a perk and a depressant of underemployment. Somedays, as I’ve alluded to before, I get to run errands with no lines, close parking spots, and I will get lunch from the candy counter section of Macy’s. (Sour Santas, FTW!) Other days, I don’t have errands to run, I find myself unmotivated to do necessary chores or inspired to continue my “real” job hunt.

But today, January 29, my random free Wednesday coincides with The H’s birthday, and he just happens to work for a company that demands you have your birthday off. And not in the use-your-vacation-day kind of way. It is a freebie!

Much like my jury process of last week, I hope to keep you updated on our day today. I have a grand adventure planned. Grand meaning we will enjoy it even if it isn’t super fancy. We started celebrating last night when I surprised him by an early birthday home cooked meal, a gift, and dessert. I made homemade sweet potato gnocchi with a cinnamon brown butter sauce, spinach/arugula salad with pine nuts, grapefruit, goat cheese, and parm, and we had some multi-grain baguette to dip and shmear with EVOO and goat cheese. It was the x 29. Then gifts, then a 30 minute respite from indulgence before homemade chocolate peanut butter sundaes with Oberweis Dairy Chocolate PB ice cream, which is hands down our favorite ice cream flavor, PB sauce, and Reese’s PB cups. With temperatures below zero and windchill something like -500, I think I startled the woman working at the ice cream shop. Sidenote: She asked me if I wanted coffee or hot chocolate. I said sure, coffee please. Well they only do Americanos. Even better. It is out of a machine – meh, oh well. It cost me around $1.25 and it was the equivalent to a Sbux grande size, bargain. Plus, Oberweis half and half…mmm. That coffee about got me a parking ticket because I had to talk the meter maid out of giving me one as I walked up to my car, but no harm done.


So, where is this day going? We started by a trip to the gym. Now enjoying a small snack because I have a large brunch in store for us. The H had work to do last night, but my surprise celebrating put him behind. He needs to work for a couple hours, but then we’ll be off on our yellow brick road.

8:22 a.m. He’s clean shaven! Happy Birthday to me!

8:49 a.m. My mother texts him, it is full of CAPS and !!!!! per usual. Love you, mom!

10:42 leaving the apartment. KU gear on, faces painted for tonight. ROCK CHALK.

11:28 am brunch is ordered. Burger for the H, breakfast burrito and carmel goat milk latte for me. Yes, goat milk. Highlights of the drive to the restaurant: seeing a crane hoist port a potties onto the roof of a construction site (can you imagine being in charge of removing them?!) and also seeing a man hang off the driver side of a semi so he could give the driver directions. We were on city streets, but still! Back to the birthday boy…

3:49 science museum success! Our favorite exhibit was the U-boat. More interesting to me was how they got it moved and inside! Now at Haymarket brewpub enjoying a refreshment.

5:12 next stop Revolution. The H’s favorite part of the day has been the museum. The drive up here was highlighted by a copious amount of wig shops and a very creepy mannequin holding a chain saw in the window of a tattoo parlor. If The H doesn’t behave, that’s out next stop.

5:21 while reading twitter, I see oprah mentions it is her birthday today as well. I confirmed this by visiting famous I knew there was a reason I fell in love with The H, he shares a birthday with my muse of a research paper my personality psych class. In said class I learned about theories on love, one of which shaped the way I view love. In turn leading me to marry The H.

11:28 pm Kansas won and The H had a great day. In the end, that’s all that matters.


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