Sunday Storytime – The Girl with the Gender Identifying Forehead Stamp

I worked this afternoon. While the store was quiet, I was riffling through my memories for any good story time triggers. Then a customer had a question about a stamp. Couldn’t they tell I was in deep blogging thought? But a couple minutes later, I could have hugged them because I had to look no further than the stamp wall for my Sunday storytime.

One sultry afternoon in late August a tall woman with alopecia came into my place of work. She self-identified herself as butch and talked to me at length about how she liked to wear cargo shorts and baggy shirts. She hadn’t had hair since she was 12. t loved her glasses and eventually we got to the point of her visit to the store.

She needed some black stamp ink, as permanent as we had so that it didn’t rub off her skin when she was sweaty. She wasn’t sure our black ink would show up on her brown skin, I assured her it would work similar to the tattoos on her arms. To prove my point, I offered to use one of our sample stamps and ink on her hand so she could see what it would look like. She said, “Better yet, I have the stamp I’m going to use with me now!”

“Perfect!” I replied.

She pulled the stamp out. It read “FEMALE.”

It was for her forehead. She was going to use it at the bars; she wanted both guys and girls to know she wasn’t a guy, for reasons I hope you can deduce. Straight (well, not literally) and to the point – I liked her boldness.

This was creative problem solving at its best. She’d thought of everything. Her message was clear and easy to deliver by getting it put on a stamp. It was low commitment and low cost. She had thought about longevity too because she knew she sweat a lot and she liked to dance. What would be worse than a smeared gender-identifying stamp on your forehead while you’re trying to meet nice, good-looking singles?

So next time you want your message to be clear, think about custom stamps.


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