Get Real

I am not ashamed to shout from the mountaintops that I love Biggest Loser. Jillian Michaels took a hiatus from the show a few seasons ago, but this January she is coming back and I’m very excited to watch her shake up the contestants and to ohh and aww over her chiseled arms. With my admiration for Jillian over the years I have tried a few of her workout DVDs from other libraries I have lived around. I remember my old roommate, Emma, doing a Jillian DVD in our apartment and then I remember her whining the next few days about her sore backside. So I know, first and second hand, that Jillian’s workout DVDs are not full of fluff. So, when I saw Get Fit and Fab with Jillian Michaels  at my library I thought I would for sure get a twinge in my hamstring the day after. What the description of this video failed to fully communicate was that it was a) a hip-hop dance routine and b) it was geared towards teen girls. So imagine my surprise after I pressed play.

This video was produced in 2006, but I don’t know if that warrants any excuse for Jillian’s workout attire. I mean 2006 — I was a senior in college and people did not wear THIS. I guess I wasn’t in high school at the time and was probably out of touch with current fashion trends. I mean college was filled with hoodies and sweats, so far be it from me to make a fashion judgement on this.

The length of the cargo shorts is not adequately displayed here. They went to the middle of her shin.

So, moving on from the attire that made me ROTFL let’s get to the video itself in case any fellow school counselor is looking for a DVD to motivate some teen girls or for that day you need sub plans at the snap of a finger. There are three parts to the video: Get Real, Get Fit, Get Fab. The first two sections are a Q/A with Jillian and some teen girls about self-image, nutrition, confidence, stereotypes, etc. While this was all well and good, again, I didn’t know this was a video for teen girls when I checked it out, so I blinked my way through these sections to get to the workout.

The workout was, per mentioned before, a hip hop routine. I felt like I was prepping for the winter formal, gearing up towards that all-important circle dance where you are the center of attention for 12 seconds. Jillian wasn’t the star or leader of the routine, which was surprising and, in fact, if I kept up with anyone it was Jillian who was doing the beginner moves. And for all those moments of recent years at friends’ weddings or the occasional night out on the town where I thought or was told I could dance, I was harshly reminded that I cannot actually dance. I can move around and have fun to the music, but I cannot dance. And halfway through the routine I realized my blinds were open (and that it is dark at 4:30), so I’m sure the neighbors got a good laugh at my attempt to keep up past the first 3 8-counts. But the hallmark of an actual workout for me is if I broke a sweat. I did with this one, so while my ego was bruised, my hips were loose and swagger was back.


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