Morning TV

One aspect of underemployment that I unashamedly, thoroughly enjoy is morning television. Andrew can attest that my loyalty to the Today Show is ebbing and flowing. There are parts of the local newscast that I enjoy, including the “5 to Know” that happens in the last few minutes of the local news. Chicago is big enough to sometimes get a personal “check-in” with a Today Show co-host to preview what is coming up on that day’s show. Unlike the Des Moines station where every day’s message was a generic check-in for all those mid-major towns. They greet each other with a, “Good morning ____!” and then maybe a little more chit chat in addition to the news headlines. But these personal interactions make me cringe with awkwardness! It is just one of those things where they’re pretending to be buddies, but really they don’t probably know each other that well and you can tell the Today Show people think they should be doing something waaaaaay more important like prepping for their Lindsay Lohan exclusive or finishing their make-up. (The exception being Lester Holt’s son, Stephan, is a Chicago morning news anchor, but Lester never gets the morning check-in so we never will see that warm, genuine, “Hey how’s it going, son?”.)

Today Show and Good Morning America aside, the best part of underemployed mornings (at least the ones where I’m not working at 8 or 9) is catching up on the previous night’s prime time shows. Case in point this morning I just finished watching Grey’s Anatomy. I had my Special K, coffee, and Meredith Grey. Really, what could be better?

Sidenote. Wanted to share this picture of my library browsing this week. I got a couple documentaries to watch that I won’t get around to until next week (family weddings and visiting friends > underemployed considerations), but I passed on checking out some new Christmas music after I ran across this little treasure. I opted to just go wash my hands and head to the check-out counter.

Always wanted to listen to Kwanzah Party, guess I'll have to wait.
Always wanted to listen to Kwanzah Party, guess I’ll have to wait.

Happy Friday, employed, underemployed, or unemployed!


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