Public Libraries

Upon moving to a new community and having free time and little money to spend at my discretion, one of the first places I sought out was the public library. We have a lovely public library – modern, spacious, and funky lighting on the top floor. Until recently, I have only visited the library to check out the occasional book (2, to be exact) and to pillage the free wifi for my own job search when I need to get out of the house. I have decided I really need to find out what my public library has to offer because ever since my roommate Emma would check out art work and hang it in our apartment for months at a time, I’ve been (secretly) fascinated by all the things libraries make accessible – for free!

It is my goal (I know, I’m setting a goal…jigga whaaat?!) to unearth treasures of my public library. Don’t count on a lot of book (as in novels) reviews, takes me a while to get through those things unless we’re talking adolescents who are wizards, trying to kill each other, or living in Forks, WA (more on that last one soon!). But there are DVDs, CDs,  how-to books, books on tape, magazines, classes/workshops, and just good people watching to be found between every aisle. Sneak preview of my first DVD Review: Category – Exercise/Fitness Title – The Goddess: Intro to Bellydancing

You know you want to come back for the shimmy review.

Happy Friday.


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