Game plan

I have read a little about successful blogging/bloggers/blogs, and I have a Sunday night ritual of checking a bucket full of blogs (at this point in time many of them are wedding related). They (the blogging powers-that-be) suggest a focus, a theme, a purpose. They also say to generate traffic it is important to frequently post (source: Andrew). I like 3-4 posts per week the best because I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on one of the 14 posts and have to spend an hour catching up, yet I don’t get bored by only seeing updates once a month. With that said, I understand if I were a true blogger then I would have a blog feed, check daily, subscribe, whatever it takes to be an avid blog reader and never miss out on any nugget of insight, brilliant idea, or alarmingly cute picture. For now my blog is for me, and hopefully will become for you. I’ll post when I post, make it look as nice as I can without paying for any fancy features, and my grammar will – at times – be poor.

Do I tell you my purpose? Do I tell you my target audience? I’m not sure where the blogging pros would say to go with this, and I don’t care enough to read up on it right now. After all, my expectations for readership are low (hey there mom, dad, and Andrew), my game plan is hazy, and my motivation is suspect depending on the day.

I never expected, after finishing my master’s degree in a very specific career field and then working in said career for a couple years that I would be underemployed to the point that I have so much time on my hands I clean our condo every week, I walk to do my errands, and I can tell you the entire daytime television talk show schedule. I used to think underemployment (or working part-time) would be ideal and maybe it is for some people who have a child or have far less debt than me. People say, “enjoy this time while you have it.” And that is true, to an extent. I used to think underemployment would be grand. I could be so fit, tan, well-read, stylish, and love my low-stress, below-average rate of productivity. But really it is filled with periods of self-pity, loneliness, endless job searching (barf), and daily checking Facebook too many times to count.

So this is part of my game plan to enjoy this time while I have it. Please come back.


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