Test, test, 1.2.3.

I used to have a blog. I can’t even tell you what the name of it was. I do know that it probably was called something fluffy like, “Best Day Ever” or “Life’s Great Adventure.” The last thing I remember writing about was weddings and how jaded I was becoming about the thought of getting married in my mid-twenties. And I posted a picture of a ring that I liked, I remember that. Fast forward…

I’m getting married in a little over 200 days and the ring isn’t anything like the one in the picture (from what I can remember). I had a career that I am on hiatus from because of said engagement. Yes I’d like to be more professionally fulfilled and financially stable, but I’m underemployed and overeducated for the work that I do. And with this state comes time, more time than I’ve ever had to do whatever I wanted. No children, few responsibilities, rarely a schedule to follow. This is great on paper and anxiety-producing in reality. The last few months I’ve been thinking, “I should write down these things.” My worries, my doubts, my crappy days, my good days, my recipes, my random adventures, my tv watching, my workouts, my Pinterest projects, my wedding planning. So, while uneremployed I keep telling myself I’m not worthless and can offer something to the world besides skinny jeans and blousy tops. Here we go.


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